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About Our Company

Insane Ink is an entrepreneurial course at Piedmont Hills High School that runs an apparel customization company. The class has been designed to give students hands-on experience running a business and teach them the fundamentals of economics.

The company was founded in 1998 by Mr. Mitch Method, a business teacher, and Mr. Richard Langone, an Economics teacher, to allow students to experience entrepreneurship. Since then, Mr. Method advised each new incoming class until his retirement in 2020. Fortunately, a second adviser Mrs. Diane Pereira,, joined the Insane Ink team in 2015, allowing her time to learn the ropes and prepare to lead young entrepreneurs. Additionally Mr. Jeff Smith joined the team this year enhancing the program with his real world experience in marketing and sales as well as a business teacher.

Students are responsible for running the company while Mrs. Pereira, Mr. Smith and the Executive Board advise and oversee the company. Insane Ink offers various custom apparel for clubs, organizations, school classes, events, and other local businesses. Each order is thoroughly analyzed for an affordable price, quality design, and customer communication. The objective of our business is to run the business successfully while maintaining a constant level of customer satisfaction and give back to the community.

Not only are we here to supply quality services on behalf of our customers as a business, but we are also determined to allocate 50% of our entire profit towards philanthropy with our aim of giving back to the community. We also offer our services at very competitive prices, much lower than that of other vendors. For more information on our prices, please go to our pricing page or contact us.

Prospective Student FAQs

Answer: As you order more shirts, the price per unit lowers. With orders that are on the smaller end (about 20 shirts total), we recommend purchasing from our DTG store since it is more cost-effective.

Answer: Not at all! Insane Ink has a team of graphic designers who can create a graphic tailored to your needs free of charge.

Answer: Insane Ink offers a large variety of apparel of many different colors ranging from sweatpants to hoodies and even tote bags. You can view what we have to offer at this link.

Answer: The DTG (direct to garment) printer is an on-campus machine that allows us to print smaller amounts of shirts. These are perfect if you want a few shirts for some friends or as holiday gifts. Garment options are limited to white and gray t-shirts, long sleeves, and crewnecks and designs cannot contain the color white. Pricing can be found on the DTG tab on this website.

Answer: The time from start to end varies based on the time for graphic creation as well as communication between us and you. Once the quote and graphic is approved, it takes approximately two weeks for the shirts to be printed and delivered.